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Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Tokyo, Kanto

ANA Hotel Kyoto, Kyoto, Kinki

Park Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo, Kanto

Swissotel Nankai Osaka, A Raffles International Hotel, Osaka, Kinki

Kyoto Hotel Okura, Kyoto, Kinki

Granvia Hotel Kyoto, Kyoto, Kinki

Park Hyatt Tokyo, Tokyo, Kanto

Imperial Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo, Kanto

Palace Side Hotel, Kyoto, Kinki

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Annex Katsutaro, Tokyo, Kanto

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Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Kanto

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Kanto

Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion), Kyoto, Kinki

Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto, Kinki

Yasukuni-jinja, Tokyo, Kanto

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima, Chugoku

East Gardens, Tokyo, Kanto

Gion, Kyoto, Kinki

Nijo Castle, Kyoto, Kinki

Asakusa, Tokyo, Kanto

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Traveler Reviews of Hyatt Regency Kyoto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotels in Japan

 Truly Stunning
... stop on a 3 week tour of Japan, we were amazed at the level of personal service

we received from the fantastic hotel staff from the moment we arrived. We went for ...


Traveler Reviews of ANA Hotel Kyoto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotels in Japan

 One of the best hotels ever
This was the first hotel we stayed in Japan and it ... tipping what so ever in Japan and honestly ...

you up until dinnertime. This hotel also had a shuttle to and from ...


Traveler Reviews of Japan

 1st Time Going to Japan
... returned from 8 days in Japan. Most of ... are thinking about going to Japan for the ...

into Tokyo and take a hotel shuttle to the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. It is right across ...


Traveler Reviews of Tokyo,

Kanto, hotels in Japan

 Tokyo with Children
... Wed-Fri) Where? RIHGA Royal Hotel near Waseda This is a fantastic hotel. My husband ...

my boy loves. As the hotel is at ... you want to make your travel insurance claim! Food ...


Traveler Reviews of Park Hotel Tokio,

Tokyo, Kanto, hotes in Japan

 Great memories
... 2 nights at the Park Hotel on the ... the view facing Tokio Tower (Japan's answer to ...

to assist. Ask at the tour desk for ... view back towards Ginza. The hotel's website has ...


Traveler Reviews of Brighton Hotel Kyoto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotels in Japan

 Brighton Star
... the Kyoto Brighton through a travel agent. It was one of two hotes at which I

stayed on a two-city-base tour (the other being Tokyo). Like the Tokyo hotel, the ...


Traveler Reviews of RIHGA Royal Osaka,

Osaka, Kinki, hotels in Japan

 Rihga Royal Treatment
... a 2 week visit to Japan. We had ... we had been warned that hotel rooms in Japn were very ...

safe at all times in Japan. Housekeeping was always efficient and very friendly. ...


Traveler Reveiws of Granvia Hotel Kyoto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotes in Japan

 Simply Good
We stayed 4 nights to tour the area and didn't regret a moment. Our first few nights were in

Ryokans and all that that entails -marvellous. But our first "normal"hotel was ...


Traveer Reviews of Ryokan Ohto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotels in Japan

 Decent considering the price
... as part of a group tour. The rooms ... woman who didn't had to travel to one ...

just barefoot or sox. The hotel itself has a small entry way where you remove your ...


Traveler Rewievs of New Miyako Hotel,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotes in Japn

 Good Kyoto Hotel
... very nice but not luxurious hotel in an ... stayed in, was wonderful. The hotel

serves a ... was included in our Sunrise Tour package. There ... it as a base to travel to Nara ...


Traveler Reveiws of Ryokan Kohro,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotels in Japan

 Nice ryokan, some issues with service
... at this ryokan during New Years. The location of the ryokan is perfect, just up the

street from Nishiki-dori and the main drag. The food here was excellent, some of our ...


Traveler Reviews of Hotel Okura,

Tokio, Kanto, hotes in Japan

 No doubt, the finest hotel in Tokyo
... Tokio over the Christmas/New Years holidays. A good friend had been living in Tokyo for six

years and highly recommended this property. Through my work i travel considerably and always stay ...


Traveler Reviews of Niseko Higashiyama Prince Hotel,

Niseko, Hokkaido, hotels in Japan

 a nice hotel for skiers
... reasonably priced, considering this is Japan and it ... we were there, they even

had roast beef nicely sliced for you...... I would surely stay here again, if I go skiing in Niseko


Traveler Reveiws of Tokyo,

Kanto, hotes in Japan

 Tokyo with Children
... you want to make your travel insurance claim ... what I interpreted from a travel guide,

there are ... got 5 seats! The tour guide was very good - spoke excellent English. We were vety ...


Traveler Reviews of Imperial Hotel Tokio,

Tokyo, Kanto, hotels in Japn

 Average Business Hotel
... service was very good and there was always someone available to help us.

However, I don't think it's a good value. I think there are many nicer hotels in this price range.


Traveler Reviews of Four Seasons Hotel Tokio at Marunouchi,

Tokyo, Kanto, hotes in Japan

 Far and away the best hotel in Tokio - maybe the world
... a totally different league from any other hotel in Tokyo. Simply -- amazing. Again, it is literally

in a different league, a different category, to the other well-known hotels in Tokyo. Enjoy.


Traveler Reveiws of Okinawa Harborview Hotel,

Naha, Kyushu-Okinawa, hotes in Japn

1 hotel in Naha
... more than half a dozen hotels in Naha. Of all the hotes within walking ...

would enjoy at the top hotels in Tokyo. ... those of other Naha city hotes, but in need of ...


Traveler Reviews of The Westin Miyako Kyoto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotels in Japan

 Lovely surroundings and good facilities, but rooms run down
... often for free in other hotels in Japan. The rooms (at least the one I stayed in)

are quite run down and old. The whole hotel is in need of a renovation ...


Traveler Reveiws of Conrad Tokio,

Tokyo, Kanto, hotes in Japan

 All hotels should be built this way
... have been trying out the hotes in Hilton ... apparently common practice in the hotels in Japan).

I recommend this hotel highly. My only regret was to check out to switch hotes to ...


Traveler Reviews of Toyoko Inn Shinjuku Kabuki-cho,

Tokio, Kanto, hotels in Japn

 Great Hotel At Fantastic Price
... one told you. In general Japan is one ... to, however we were in Japan where land ...

the price compared to other hotels in the location it was great value for money. Would ...


Traveler Reveiws of Novotel Sapporo,

Sapporo, Hokkaido, hotels in Japan

I really loved this hotel
... from the hotel). Like most hotes in Japan the restaurants are expensive. The hotel is walking

distance to a restaurant district a real plus. The Japnese really know how to do good ...


Traveler Rewievs of Washington,

Okinawa, Kyushu-Okinawa, hotels in Japan

 Good location in Naha City
... Okinawa. We have been to Japan for leisure ... only Japanese channels...but it's OK...it's Japn!

Breakfast was ... floors. Because of the resort hotes in Okinawa are very expensive we have

decided to stay ...


Traveler Reveiws of The Westin Miyako Kyoto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotels in Japan

 Just Terrible...
... There is nothing within walking distance of the hotel. There are a number

of great 4 and 5 star hotes in Japan. The Westin Miyako is not one of them. Be warned


Traveler Reviews of Kyoto Dai-Ni Tower Hotel,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotels in Japn

 Small, Clean, Great Rates & Location
... a single, and singles in Japan are almost ... access here, as with most hotels in Japn -

that is because the Japanese access the internet via their cell phones so they do not ...


Traveler Reviews of Holiday Inn Tobu Narita,

Narita, Kanto, hotes in Japan

 Go No Further
... as one would expect in Japn/Asia. The ... after having been ripped-off at several airport

hotels in Europe earlier on the same trip, what a thoroughly pleasant experience this hotel was


Traveler Reveiws of Japan

 1st Time Going to Japan
... returned from 8 days in Japan. Most of ... are thinking about going to Japn for the ...

They are not sold in Japan and you ... There is no tipping in Japan and it ...


Traveler Reviews of Kyoto Takaragaike Prince Hotel,

Kinki, hotes in Japa

 Almost perfect! (except for the smell of smoke
... choices puts even 5 star hotels in the USA to shame. And it was all quite tasty,

at least the vegetarian bits that we tried. Breakfast was our main meal of the ...


Traveler Reveiws of Hyatt Regency Kyoto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotes in Japan

 A great little hotel
... in fact quite rare in hotels and thus ... as compared to many other hotels in

Japan where it is often free, and that the charge for fresh squeezed juice with the breakfast ...


Traveler Reviews of Dotonbori Hotel,

Osaka, Kinki, hotls in Japa

 A good choice for budget travelers on their way in or out
... However, unlike many other business hotels in Japan, it does ... bars, restaurants, and

even love hotls nearby, but I was not bothered by noise. If you want to save money, you can ...


Traveler Reveiws of Grand Palace Hotel,

Tokyo, Kanto, hotels in Japan

 Hotel in a beautiful time warp.
... having stayed at two other hotls in Japa, I don't blame the hotel. The Japanese idea of

eggs and bacon is extremely runny eggs and barely cooked bacon....this seems to be standard ...


Traveler Reviews of Nara Hotel,

Nara, Kinki, hotels in Japa

 Comfortable, stylish, oldy-world hotel
... hardly spacious, but of three hotls in different ... stop on my trip to Japan - and,

as I say, two days was enough. You can pre-book a limousine bus from the hotel ...


Traveler Reveiws of Hyatt Regency Kyoto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotels in Jpan

 Wonderful Stay
... far superior to that at hotls in the UK. We asked the reception staff for suggestions

of places to visit in Kyoto and they helpfully gave us a map and circled places ...


Traveler Rewievs of Star Hotel,

Tokio, Kanto, hotels in Japan

 A nice, well-situated place to stay
... as a lot of other hotls in this price range. I found the staff to be very

helpful and even more friendly than most other hotels. The breakfasts they do are nice ...


Traveler Reviews of Kyoto Hotel Okura,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotls in Japan

 Wonderful stay
One of the best hotels in Jpan. Location is great, subwat station is in hotel's basement!

Plenty of busses. Loby is elegant. Rooms are very large for Japan, great views, Wonderful and ...


Traveler Reveiws of Karasuma Kyoto Hotel,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotls in Japan

 Great Location and Value
... 77 a night (Oct 2005) , hotels in Jpan are fairly expensive. They had 2 PCs

with free internet access in the lobby also. My room was on the small side compared to ...


Traveler Revies of Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo,

Tokyo, Kanto, hotls in Japan

 Good Hotel, very convenient location, friendly, efficient staff
... our son), like some other hotels in Tokio were charging. Very positive experience.

I would gladly stay at Dai-Ichi if we visit Tokyo again. Highly recommended. WHAT I DID NOT LIKE ...


Traveler Reveiws of Hyatt Regency Kyoto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotls in Japan

 A wonderful new hotel in Kyoto
... at a lot of the hotels in Kyoto and could find none that compared to our place.

You can also go on to the website for Hyatt hotls and get a great ...


Traveler Reviews of Park Hotel Tokio,

Tokyo, Kanto, hotels in Jpan

 Tokioite recommendation
... Tokyo. Have been living in Japan for over ... time consuming. That said,

this is one of my favorite hotls in Tokio, and I give it the highest rating with the above provisos.


Traveler Reveiws of Park Hotel Tokyo,

Tokyo, Kanto, hotels in Jpan

 Great View
... review) and both were excellent hotls but obviously ... imagine you could pay a lot more

for a similar standard at other hotels in Tokio. Deserving of the praise received on this website.


Traveler Reviews of Hiiragiya Ryokan,

Kinki, hotls in Japan

 Stay here if you can.
... or American first timer in Japan, it's just ... a Westerner on holiday in Jpan. The downstairs ...

into one of the best hotels in Japan, and almost certainly the best hotel in Kyoto ...


Traveler Reveiws of Granvia Hotel Kyoto,

Kyoto, Kinki, hotls in Japan

... warmth I'd encountered in other hotels in Japon, especially hotls of this caliber. There is also a

distinct feeling of being gouged, everything costs extra, from breakfast, to pool entry, to coffee ...


---View all Trip Advisor reviews of hotels in Japan



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Japanese Overseas Travel Insurance

By: Steve Cogger, Fri Sep 29th, 2006

If you are an expatriate planning on long-term residence in Japan you can, after a one-year stay,

become a part of Japan's national health program. Until that time, however, you're going to need

Japanese overseas travel insurance.

Some of the Japanese overseas traveinsurance options include not only trip or annual medical

emergency coverage for travel but also disability insurance, personal liability coverage and term life

insurance. Japanese overseas travel insurance's medical coverage with some plans offers full (100

percent) reimbursement for prescription medicine, medical care for diagnostic purposes, hospital stay

and even surgery. You'll also be covered in case of terrorism and an evacuation to your home

residence in the event of medical or terrorist emergency.

One firm whose Japanese overseas traveplan we perused offered coverage for those over 80 years

old, difficult to find. The minimum coverage time period for this plan is one week (seven days) with a

one-year maximum, although it can be renewed for a total of three consecutive years of coverage.

Coverage varies according to your age. You must be at least two weeks old for any coverage. If you

are under 70 years of age you can choose coverage limits that range from $50,000 to $1 million. Folks

between 70 and 79 are excluded from coverage that exceeds $50,000, while those 80 or older can only

be covered to a maximum of $10,000.

Let's look at a couple of quotes to see the variation in cost for age, children, number of travelers, and

participation in sports. We'll also look at the cost for non-U.S. citizens. The first quote is for a single U.S.

resident 18-29 years of age traveling along for one year and not wanting the rider for sports coverage.

A $1 million ceiling for Japanese overseas travel insurance coverage, with a $250 deductible, is $576.

Reducing the ceiling doesn't seem like nearly as good a deal - the premium is $504, although increasing

the deductible to $1000 reduces the cost to $403.20. That same Japanese overseas travel insurance

coverage for non-U.S. citizens is several hundred dollars more.

For a couple both 30-39 years old with two children traveling with them, Japanese overseas trave

insurance does not come cheap. Assuming U.S. residence and a $500,000 ceiling with $500 deductible

the hefty price tag for this coverage is $1814.40. While this may seem excessive, consider the cost of

medical coverage for one or more of you, or for emergency evacuation. You'll probably come to the

conclusion that Japanese overseas travel insurance is inexpensive as compared to the alternative.

About the author: Steve Cogger is an avid traveler offering a wealth of traveinformation. For more

information on travel insurance visit http://www.1-Happy-Traveller.com


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