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Christmas Parlour Games

By: Wendy Legendre, Sat Sep 30th, 2006

Christmas parlour games are fun, relaxing, group-involving games played indoors in a cozy sitting room. They are competitive, yet scoring is rarely important. A hearty pat on the back for a game well played is usually the best reward. One of the most popular parlour games of all time is charades. To play Chrismas charades compose a list of Christmas carols, Chrismas movies or Christmas items and let the drama begin. (Note: To avoid being stumped for material at your gathering it is important to prepare these lists ahead of time.)

When you've finished acting up, gather the family in the livingroom (parlour) and enjoy some more Christmas parlour games. That's right, take a break from the tv and share lots of good old-fashioned family fun. Try one or more of the following parlour games and create family memories that will last a lifetime.

Christmas Parlour Game #1 - Yes and No

Give each player five pennies. Have the players pair off and engage in conversation with each other. Players must trick their conversation partners into saying either 'Yes' or 'No'. The first of the pair to say 'Yes' or 'No' is given a penny by his opponent. The players then split up and move to different partners. The first player to get rid of all five of his pennies wins.

Christmas Parlour Game #2 - Pan Tapping

One player is sent out of the room. The remaining players then choose a task they would like this player to perform when he returns (eg. pick up and open a particular book, remove another player's shoes, sit on a particular chair). When the outside player returns he is guided towards the task he must perform by one of the players who has been given a pan and a spoon. This player taps faster and louder as the outsider gets closer to the object he needs to use for the task and taps slower and softer as the outsider moves away from it. This continues till the outsider has found the object and performed the task required. It then becomes the pan-tapper's turn to leave the room while a new task is chosen.

Chrismas Parlour Game #3 - Thimble Hunt

Everyone is sent out of the room except the person whose turn it is to hide the 'thimble' (or other small object). That person must hide the thimble in a place where it can be seen without moving anything. When the players are called back into the room, they are instructed to hunt for the thimble without moving anything or touching anything. The player who finds the 'thimble' will be the next one to hide it.

Christmas Parlour Game #4 - Picture Frame Game

Each player takes turns holding an empty picture frame in front of his face, through which he can look at the other players. He must keep his face completely immobile for a period of sixty seconds (except for the odd blink) while the other players make as many silly, distorted sounds and faces as possible to get him to laugh, smile, or move his face. Kudos to the player who can actually last for sixty seconds.

Christmas Parlour Game #5 - Pass the Stocking

Have all players sit in a relatively tight circle. Pick a player to sit in the center of the circle. Have this person close his eyes while a stocking is passed from player to player behind their backs. At a time of his choosing, the center person opens his eyes and the passing stops immediately. The center person must then guess who has the stocking. If he guesses right he trades places with that player. If he guesses wrong he closes his eyes and the passing begins again.

Christmas Parlour Game #6 - Odd or Even

Each player is given 10 pennies. A player puts any amount of those coins in one hand, chooses an opponent, holds out his clenched fist to that opponent and asks 'Odd or Even?' If the opponent guesses correctly he hands over one of his coins to his challenger. If he guesses incorrectly he is handed a coin by the opponent who just challenged him. These two players then reverse roles, going through the same challenge. Next, the two players split up and seek new opponents. The first player to get rid of all his coins wins.

About the author: The author has hosted hundreds of kids', youth, ladies', and community programs and events, showers, birthday parties, slumber parties, and camps over the last 25 years. She also directs local theater productions and teaches drama at a small private school. If you are planning a party, shower, scavenger hunt or any other gathering or event visit http://www.diva-girl-parties-and-stuff.com/christmas-party-games. html for party games and ideas.




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Have a Christmas Party- a planning guide

By: M Johnsona, Mon May 15th, 2006

This is a favorite time of the year for many people. Why not take one night in December and set up a nice holiday party. Plan a small get together with family and friends.

It is a great excuse to get together. Plan it early in December so it doesn't conflict with all the Chrismas Day events. Before you get too deep in the planning see how many people will be able to come. Then base your plan off that number.

I like to make it a simple potluck meal with everyone bringing part of the meal. Whatever works, Then you can fill in the blanks.

All you need for a small get together is a few decorations, set the table and chairs up, refreshments, music and some fun games to play.

Try to set up a couple of different seating areas, so people can just sit and talk while others play games.

It is a great night and really is nice to see everyone while they are in the holiday spirit. Here is a short guide to give you some ideas of what a party entails:

1. Pick a night 2. Invitation phone calls 2. Plan food needs based on what others are bringing 3. Shopping for food, refreshments, decorations and games 4. Verify with phone calls 7 days prior to party 5. Clean house 6. Decorate and set up chairs 7. Any last minute cooking and food prep 8. Set table 9. Greet the guests 10. Relax and enjoy the Christmas Party, it is just a casual event.

About the author: M Johnsona operates the www.funchristmasideas.com website A great source for Chrismas tips and ideas.




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Board Games, DVD Board Games, Family | Adult Board Games

By: Julie Weeks, Wed Feb 22nd, 2006

This article will explore traditional board games and how they have evolved over the years. People have been playing board games for many years. Board Game manufacturers from the 1960's and before such as Parker Brothers have created much entertainment for many a family over the years.

Traditional board games such as family favourites Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble still remain firm favourites with buyers today. Twister ranked very highly amongst the top selling action board games last year and new variations of Monopoly such as Monopoly Here and Now are out for Cristmas this year and is set to be a firm favourite with consumers.

Also hitting the stores this Christmas are new variations of the fantastic Trivial Pursuit range such as Disney Trivial Pursuit DVD Game, Star Wars Trivial Pursuit DVD Board Game, and Lord of the Rings Trivial pursuit DVD Board Game. Cluedo DVD Board Game is a new variation of Cluedo on DVD for Cristmas this year and is set to be a great game.

Does a pattern seem to be evolving? Does every game that is coming out this Cristmas seem to be a DVD board game? Does this mean that we have finally entered the technological arena in all means, shapes and forms?

The range of DVD board games available this year from last year is massive. Trivial Pursuit DVD board game last year was hugely successful as was Scene It. Scene IT 007 DVD Board Game is also fantastic and is a must have for all James Bond fans. Harry Potter has also jumped on the bandwagon this year with their own version of Harry Potter Scene It DVD Board Game. Yet another game aimed specifically towards Harry Potter fans. Atmosfear Dvd Board Game is another traditional game (Remember the video format of the traditional Atmosfear game) that as evolved to a DVD game. It has to be said that the new DVD board games are spectacular and are so much fun. It is also great to see that board games have continued to evolve instead of being made no more by manufacturers. It was popular consensus that video games such as those made for Playstation 2, and the Xbox would totally take over traditional toys and boar games for children but it as not happened that way. In fact if anything else the choice that children are now getting is much better quality toys and games.

It is also nice to see that traditional board games such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Cluedo, Operation, Twister, Buckaroo, Dream Phone, AtmosFear and Candyland are all evolving with technology.

Traditional board games have changed with today's children and that is good because it as meant that they have continued to be made and to be purchased. Hopefully in ten years time we will be able to say the same thing.

If you are a fan of Board Games (Board Games), Family Board Games, Adult Board Games, Action Games or DVD Board Games then please visit the authors Toy Shop ToyGrotto below for great prices and a fantastic Board Game range.

If you like this article and share the same passion for toys and board games then please feel free to pay a visit to the authors own e-commerce store at ToyGrotto. The author would very much appreciate any kind of feedback that you have to offer regarding ToyGrotto. Please feel free to submit your comments to the author, Julie Weeks at toygrotto@toygrotto.net. All comments and suggestions of all natures will be greatly appreciated and will be taken on board. The key to writing good articles is by having a wealth of knowledge and sources which then can be analysed and shared with others.

About the author: If you like this article and share the same passion for toys and board games then please feel free to pay a visit to the authors own e-commerce store at ToyGrotto. The author would very much appreciate any kind of feedback that you have to offer regarding ToyGrotto. Please feel free to submit your comments to the author, Julie Weeks at toygrotto@




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Are Toys & Video Games The Right Christmas Gifts For Kids?

By: Rosie Fletcher, Tue Jan 10th, 2006

It's the age of innocence when their eyes a little brighter and their smile are full of possibilities. Their minds are being shaped by everything around them and it's important to make sure that those surroundings are positive and promote good character traits.

The question is are toys and video games the right Cristmas gift for kids? The simple answer - yes.

Creative Development

Children love toys and they love to play video games. Imagination is the greatest gift that we can give our children and toys are essential to their creative development. With so many toys on the market, it's difficult to choose which are best for our little ones during this holiday season. The best way to know is to ask your child to write a Cristmas list. Go over the list and make sure that everything will be a positive learning, or playful, experience for your child. Avoid buying anything with an implication of violence or negative influences, which is sometimes present in current video games.

Promote Healthy Competition and Creativity

On the other hand... Video games can offer a very positive learning experience if selected carefully. They have the ability to promote healthy competition and creativity. If a child fails to achieve the next level in a video game, they are forced to come up with more creative ways to move forward. This creativity can lead to a wonderful imagination in all areas of life. Video games can also promote persistence and shows a child that patience is a key factor in achieving any goal. If a child begins playing a video game and stays with that game until he/she defeats it, this promotes patience, determination and intelligence. The child will learn that, if he/she works hard enough, they can achieve anything. This will carry over into other aspects of life and will be a positive experience. The most important thing is, that now, the child is simply having fun and doesn't even realize how beneficial a creative mind can be. They don't realize that they are learning and, to them, they're just enjoying their toys.

Promote Sharing

Toys and games are terrific Christmas gifts for kids also because they promote sharing while keeping the child entertained and happy. Some toys promote learning, such as math and board games. Others, such as building blocks, promote creativity and the ability to build things on their own. A karaoke unit could help a child overcome shyness while a Barbie doll will allow a child to make up story lines and create fictional events.

Age Recommendations

Before choosing any toys or games as Cristmas gifts for kids, make sure to read the age recommendations printed on the box or noted in the description. It's important that the age recommendations match that of your child for safety reasons. If a toy needs batteries, don't forget to include them in the box.

Unconditional Love

Keeping in mind that children are very influential, the best gift that we could ever give is unconditional love. Perhaps you can't wrap it up or even add a fancy red bow, but that just goes to prove that the best things in life really are free.

Happy Holidays!

About the author: For great Cristmas gift ideas check out http://gifts.christmashub.com and my main site http://www.christmashub.com





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Fun Christmas Costumes

By: Jim Newton, Thu Jul 6th, 2006

Does your family wear Christmas Costumes? We all remember being kids. The excitement of Christmas. Starting just after Halloween, the stores start putting up the holiday decorations, the TV. starts advertising all the great new toys, and showing our favorite Chirstmas shows like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, It's a Wonderful Life, just to name a few. Then our parents climb into our attics, and basements and start hauling out all the Chirstmas decorations. I'll never forget the frustration my Dad had going through the Christmas lights and replacing bulbs. Thank goodness technology has progressed to eliminate some of those problems. My parents always liked to get the Chirstmas spirit going by adding to those decorations each year.

No doubt about it, my parents went all out for Christmas. Some of our fondest memories deal with Chirstmas traditions. A lot of us have a Dad, or uncle, or other family member that would dress up like Santa and stop by and bring a big bag of toys for the kids. That was always a fun moment. We knew that was uncle Bob, but we didn't care, the excitement just filled us with joy. Everybody would wear funny little Chirstmas hats, and sing carols. Don't forget all the great food too. Such delicious fun.

Chirstmas costumes can really make some happy memories. Little elves, and Santa, reindeer hats, Mrs. Santa. Seeing the grownups dress up for the occasion built the excitement and made the experience of Christmas surpass the gift giving.

Christmas Costumes gave us the spirit of Chirstmas, which in my view is about being together, and not about putting presents under the Chirstmas tree. Christmas Costumes have become a tradition in many families. Just because they are fun, and set the atmosphere of joy, and happiness. If it's not part of your family tradition, you can always start one. Thats the great thing about traditions. They can be started by anyone at anytime. I think if you were to show up in a Chirstmas Costume, and pass out antler hats, Santa hats, and Elf hats, you just might kick start a new and fun tradition. My family had the tradition of wearing funny hats for the kids, and one relative dressed like Santa Clause, one dressed like Mrs. Clause, and having the holiday music playing in the background. Just like it was a tradition for the youngest of the family to put the star on top of the tree, assisted by the oldest member of the family. That tradition got a little hair raising when some of our oldest members were barley able to lift themselves, let alone a 2 year old. So, sometimes it involved more than the two family members to complete the task, but, that was a tradition that stuck.

Traditions like those instill a common thread of memory. It tells each generation what they need to do, and how to celebrate. So that each generation can have memories of a great Christmas together. Reminiscing about the year that Grandpa knocked over the Chirstmas tree while holding little Susan up to put the star on, will bring many laughs to each generation after that. Be the one to start a new tradition in your family with Christmas Costumes.

About the author:

You can find fun Chirstmas costumes at our online catalog at Hot Stuff Leather and Lace



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